Nowadays, TotalAV seems like a promising solution. The company has had its ups and downs over the last few years. Yet, it has improved the product enough to compete with the leaders in the industry. The developers have introduced a selection of helpful features and tools that enhance the device’s protection. Let’s take a look at the TotalAV review to find out if one can trust the brand.

A general overview

TotalAV uses the SAVAPI anti-malware engine. It detects and blocks various viruses and online threats.

The software works on various systems including the most popular ones like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. While mobile apps are limited in features, they still bring some helpful tools.

Depending on the smartphone’s platform, the app comes with optimization tools and basic malware protection for additional online security. A desktop version, however, offers much more. The package has a personal firewall, identity protection, a disk cleaner, a system boost, etc.

Top 5 facts one has to know about TotalAV protection

  1. The SAVAPI engine detects most of the threats including malware, viruses, and cyber-attacks. What’s more, the scans effectively remove all the threats that were already on the device. There are a manual scan and auto-scans.
  2. Real-time protection monitors the system in the background. It prevents malware from getting to the device.
  3. Perfect anti-phishing tools prevent phishing sites from stealing one’s personal information. The tool proactively blocks malicious websites.
  4. Anti-spyware blocks related threats as well. When a user types anything like passwords or banking information, the tool protects this information from hackers and viruses that steal this information.
  5. Premium plans bring tons of extras including a VPN, a password manager, and other tools. Combined, they enhance anonymity, personal information protection, and the security of your device.

Additional features a user can get with TotalAV

The company offers several bundles. They range in the selection of extra features and prices. To get the best possible experience with this software, it’s better to pick the most luxurious bundle.

It’ll come with Ad Blocker. This tool blocks all the ads and pop-up windows whenever you visit a website. As a result, a user gets a more visually satisfying experience and fewer chances to click on the ads accidentally and get malware on the device.

A Safe Site tool is also a great addition. The utility scans all the search results and sends warning notifications in case you attempt to open a suspicious site or a page with malicious activities. It comes as a part of the software meaning one doesn’t have to start using another browser.

It’s possible to pick a plan that includes identity protection tools, a VPN, a personal firewall, a password manager, etc.

The bundle may have optimization tools like a disk cleanup or a file shredder. They aim to improve the overall performance.

Bottom line

There is still a discussion about whether TotalAV is a reliable brand. While the software doesn’t have 100% protection yet, it’s clear that the developers keep improving the quality of services and bring the best possible results. For instance, the SAVAPI engine has brought huge changes to the virus detection rate. If you are particular about having the best software, you’d better skip this solution for now. Yet, an average user is likely to find it secure and user-friendly enough.


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