Avast antivirus program offers full-pack protection against suspicious software and Internet attacks. It comes both in the free and charged versions. The latter grants you more possibilities. Still, if you know where to find the license key for free you can easily get the most out of it. Read on to discover more details and get avast secureline vpn license file till 2021.

What Avast Antivirus Offer

Avast Antivirus program is one of the first-rate software to protect your personal info and computer online and offline. Here are the prominent features you can benefit from:

  • Anti-malware – the program will quickly respond to any potential threats and defend you from any kind of malware.
  • Browser Clean-up – the software will clean-up your browser history and threatening cache files or cookies in a real-time mode.
  • Smart scanning – scanning service check the files that get to your computer to prevent further system contagion.
  • Privacy Protection – your privacy and any kind of personal data will be protected from any unauthorized attack.
  • Scanning System of Cloud Data – your cloud data is defended online from any attack from the outside.

With every new year edition, you can access additional services and a simplified interface.

How to Get the Free Licence Key Officially

You can easily download a free Avast Antivirus from its official website. Mind that the free version has a limited scope of features and proposals. Once the trial version is over, you have two options to continue using the program without extra charge:

  • Upgrade for the next free version – every time you upgrade your Avast Antivirus, you can select the free version. Still, you will have access to limited features only.
  • Refer a friend – if you used a paid Avast Antivirus license, you can get profit from referral bonuses to extend your full license completely for free.  Go to the Earn Rewards section and invite a friend. This way you can extend your license of Avast Premium Security or Avast Ultimate for a different period and number of gadgets.

Different Ways to Get Licence Key for Free

There are multiplicity of ways to gain the license key for free without accessing the official website. You can find many platforms that provide an opportunity to extend your Avast Antivirus for several months or years with no charge required. Just select the reliable website offering free license keys, search for your Avast Antivirus version, and collect the key to insert in your program window. This means you can stay confident with the best Avast protection in 2021 and long on. If you don’t have Avast Antivirus yet, download the latest version, apply a free license code, and get protected right now.