The joy of talking to pets can fade for several reasons. Too emotional animals in the absence of owners can spoil furniture, interior, fight among themselves, causing irreparable harm to surrounding objects. A pet can simply disappear by going on an independent walk to the neighbors or to the street. Knowing what your pet is doing now is possible by pet camera with treat dispenser the easiest and most effective way to control the behavior of your pets in the absence of owners.

What is a Dog Camera

The camera, which is attached to the pet’s collar (more often than dogs, but also cats), however, for small breeds it can be too massive. On the device, you can set the interval with which the camera takes pictures – this is how you can monitor the life of your favorite, studying from the pictures what he did all day and what he saw.

The device runs on batteries and can store up to 40 photos. It is very convenient to use it as a device for selfies and proudly tell everyone that this successful shot was taken by a dog.

Why Dog Owners Buy Pet Cameras

Video surveillance systems until recently were available only to special services. With the development of the multimedia device market, tracking equipment has become as affordable as possible, and it has become possible to select the best technology for solving specific problems. If one of the pets began to disorderly in the absence of the owners or there is a fear that the pet may run away, it is worth installing a video surveillance system. A compact Wi-Fi camcorder will be the best solution for tracking pet movements. Among the advantages of this equipment:

  • attractive price
  • simple installation and clear management
  • multifunctionality
  • reliability in work
  • mobility

An inexpensive camera can take pictures at night, transfer data to a mobile phone using the reliable Wi-Fi protocol. Using a simple program, a smartphone can control this camera, helping to occupy the most convenient position for observing animals. The equipment has two-way communication: you can not only see, but also hear the pet, give him prohibiting commands.

Criteria for Choosing a Camera for a Dog

For video surveillance of a pet, a network camera connected to the Internet is enough. All modern cameras have applications for computers and mobile phones, with which you can view the image from anywhere in the world.

Some cameras can be rotated through the application for a smartphone or PC, as well as to enlarge the picture. There are cameras with two-way communication functions to not only hear but also to talk with your pet. Before leaving, you need to conduct a couple of experiments with the sound level of the camera and put it at such a distance that the animal can hear the voice of the owner.


A compact IP camera is more effective – it can respond to movement, turn on automatically and record how your favorite dog behavior. Upon returning home, the owner will easily find the pet and return it to its familiar habitat or warn the household about the escape of the universal pet.