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A huge number of VPN services makes finding the perfect solution for permanent encryption difficult. To find the best VPN that meets all basic needs, users take years. And along with the years, funds that could have been spent on better protection of the compound go away.

Our KeepSolid VPN reviews include a variety of services that differ in cost, reputation, and specialization. A comparative analysis of more than 150 companies allowed us to identify leaders in each popular category.

How to Choose the Perfect VPN?

VPN service when you connect to the Net, companies and the government spy on you, tracking your activity and collecting data. A VPN is a tunnel between you and the Internet that hides you from prying eyes. A good VPN company will keep spies away from you, just like a bodyguard or a bouncer in a bar. A bad VPN company, on the contrary, will help spies to continue their surveillance.

So, what criteria should a good VPN service meet? According to the users of the Network, in the first place, he should perfectly cope with his main tasks:

  • Quick IP change to bypass any government blocking. It is important that the resulting IP does not have a ?bad reputation?, as often happens when using low-quality VPNs.
  • Ensuring anonymity on the web . Especially important for Russia, as by law, providers will have to retain all user activity. VPN is the easiest way to avoid provider writing. But be careful: many companies that provide this service collect user data on their own and can issue it at the request of public services.
  • Ensuring the protection of personal data. A good VPN makes every internet connection more secure – even if you use a public Wi-Fi network.

Personal data protection

If you plan to use VPN rarely, then you can stop there. But for regular users of vpn services, other parameters are important:


When you get an IP from the provider, your connection speed is limited only by the technical connectivity. In the case of a VPN, the quality of third-party equipment, as well as the network load, are of great importance. If you pay for your IP every month, then you hardly want your Internet connection to be artificially slowed down.

Traffic volumes

Despite the fact that it is already 2017 in the yard, not all VPN services offer unlimited traffic, which cannot but disappoint. In addition, low monthly traffic is a scourge of free VPNs. Insufficient amounts force users to change from 8-10 services per 30 calendar days.

Additional features. Many VPN users need the ability to customize the service to their liking. Inconvenient and scanty ?symbolic? settings become a big disadvantage, especially if the service cannot offer much on the basic parameters.

Simple interface simplicity and conciseness of the interface

It seems that this paragraph is obliged to contradict the previous one – but this is fundamentally wrong. Assembling a convenient, functional and non-overloaded interface is not an easy task. Perhaps that is why many VPN owners have given up on it. But as a result, users are forced to study the instructions for half an hour to change a couple of basic parameters.


Not all of us change the operating system every time another Windows comes out. Among VPN users, many lovers of non-standard hardware and UNIX-like operating systems are predictably predictable. Surprisingly, not all servers noticed this trend and adjusted to it. The same applies to the available Internet protocols: well, if the service does not consider itself smarter than the user and does not try to limit you in choosing one or two options.

Flexible pricing policy

This is great when the service provides all the theoretically possible benefits. But it is not very good if it forces users to pay for features that they will never need. Each of us has our own ?ceiling?: someone does not need more than 500 GB per month, but we need strong encryption.

Someone would like the support of all their gadgets, but at the same time sincerely indifferent to the additional protection of the recording activity. If the user can choose his ?package?, then the monthly price is reduced, while the consumer gets exactly what he wanted. Otherwise, the VPN may become too expensive.

DDOS attack would like to set general criteria for paid and free services, but for technical reasons this is impossible. If you decide not to pay for VPN, you will be forced to face all the disadvantages of ?free cheese?, whether it’s advertising, a ridiculous amount of monthly traffic, or slow download speed. The latest proof was the scandal with Hola in 2015: then it turned out that the largest free peer-to-peer network uses users’ Internet connection for commercial purposes, as the Kaspersky Lab team promptly warned Russian-speaking users. As a result, many clients refused the services of an unscrupulous company, and those who hoped for the best were forced to take part in another DDOS attack, which Hola has become notorious in the last couple of years.

Finding the best VPN

To find the best VPN, we had to test more than 150 services and check the user reviews for them. Already at this stage, many participants were disqualified for the following reasons:

  • Insufficient security of the connection. As it turned out, not all VPNs are ready to really provide users with the stated anonymity. The ceiling of many popular services – access to blocked sites and minimal data encryption. All this can be obtained free of charge, without leaving any extra traces on the Internet.
  • VPN testLack of versatility. Let’s say there is a perfect VPN extension for Chrome: free, fast and seemingly secure. It has only two drawbacks: firstly, it is only suitable for Chrome, and if you need a VPN for Firefox, you will have to look for alternatives. Secondly, it is technically unable to close all the holes in the protection of the above-mentioned Chrome, simply because of the peculiarities of its design. If the service does not provide the user with a choice, it does not suit us.

The discrepancy between the services provided and advertising promises. Yes, we understand that in advertising “all means are good.” But it would be better if the owners of the service honestly described the available opportunities than attributed to themselves advantages that they do not possess in reality.

Unfair behavior of companies in difficult situations and conflicts. It is assumed that we are looking for the best vpn in order to protect your data, and not spread it to the government on a platter. Unfortunately, many services willingly spread information about users to the state on the first request, referring to the current legislation. Then they try to silence the incident, while the companies continue to provide data protection services. Of course, such services will always be found by new clients, because not everyone has the time and energy to look for all the scandals associated with the service provider. But in our review of vpn, such violators do not fall.

When we sifted out all the “unsuitable” representatives, it turned out that there were much fewer contenders for first places than it seemed at the beginning. Without further delay, we present the ranking of the best VPNs in their fields.

Best VPN service

KeepSolid VPN (Unlimited)

Get started

Comparing more than 150 services that provide VPN services, we have identified the undisputed leader that best meets all quality criteria: KeepSolid. In January 2019, PIA received another award for its excellent service: Best Value by the version of the VPN Service Providers blog, which reviews and reviews all major VPNs. This service works in the United States, so it does not fall under the law on mandatory data storage. The speed of VPN gateways reaches several gigabits, so the user does not even notice the difference when switching to a dedicated IP. A simple connection takes no more than a couple of seconds, and flexible settings allow you to configure your dream VPN. Or you can entrust everything to automation – here it is more convenient for someone.

In the light of recent actions by Roskomnadzor, the Obzorio team re-checked the VPN services indicated in this rating in order to reveal the ?Best VPN for Telegram?. And we have to admit that the previously selected VPN ?KeepSolid? as the Best, only strengthened its position. With all the responsibility we declare that the Best VPN for Telegram is Private Internet


Among the indisputable advantages of the server

Complete anonymity

The difference with KeepSolid is that after using it, there is no data left at all. This advantage is provided by complex branched functionality, to which competitors have yet to grow. Unlike other services, KeepSolid does not leave even the so-called ?circles of water?, for which professionals collect data on the activity and personalities of anonymous users.

The lack of surveillance of subscribers

The service does not save any data, prompting the user to do the same. Even payment can be made anonymously. When KeepSolid notifies that it does not store data about its customers, it means even basic information that any other service will keep on its servers without any false intentions.

A maximum number of encryption methods

The more methods and protocols available – the less likely the hacker attack. The server itself recommends using AES 128, SHA1 and RSA2048.

A huge list of available output servers (more than 1000 in 10 countries). Server selection can be done both manually and automatically.

Support for most existing gadgets and operating systems.

You can use KeepSolid on each of your devices: a paid subscription allows you to connect five computers (tablets, smartphones), regardless of their technical features and geographical location.

Very nice price

You can get complete anonymity, the highest data transfer rate in its segment and maximum protection against hacker attacks for five devices for not so big money. When buying access for a year, the monthly price becomes less than in the ?economy? segment.

KeepSolid VPN offers premium quality of protection, at the same time adheres to all obligations stated in advertising and is always ready for dialogue with the user. His impeccable reputation made him the undisputed leader in today’s ranking.


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