McAfee is a very popular antivirus solution. It’s one of the first and oldest on the market. However, it still keeps the leading positions and gets on the list of top 10 antivirus programs in the world. Millions of users rely on it daily. However, is there McAfee for business? Let’s find out the peculiarities of the software and one of the reasons to use it for your business.

A brief overview

McAfee has developed programs and apps to work on the main operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Before you install it, you should visit the official site and pick the payment plan you wish. Don’t forget to consider the features you get since these 2 factors are directly related. Besides, this is the place where you will activate your license key and extend or stop the subscription.

The innovations and best features

Over the last few years, the company has made lots of improvements. As a result, new ransomware protection was introduced. It’s quite efficient and even detects brand-new threats.

Another feature worth your attention is the firewall. It’s especially useful for your online business. McAfee’s firewall is one of the best on the market. It internally makes decisions without bothering you with pop-up windows and secures complete protection.

Finally, the software comes with other useful tools like vulnerability scan, secure deletion, speedup, and cleanup. They were introduced to make your PC more efficient and organized.

If you still need more features, you can set up parental control and get a password manager. Remember that the more features you get the higher price you’ll have to pay.

The pros and cons of McAfee for Business

The advantages of the program are numerous and include:

  • Live chat support and email support,
  • Excellent anti-phishing tools,
  • Virus removal guarantee,
  • A huge variety of extra features,
  • The support of an unlimited number of devices.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, still exist. They are:

  • The price which is higher than average,
  • A rather complicated interface which can be confusing for inexperienced users,
  • It can slow down your PC.
  • Mixed impressions from the independent lab testing.

While McAfee doesn’t always deliver excellent results in the independent tests, the quality of services gets constantly improved.

The conclusion

All in all, McAfee for business is a great choice. Firstly, because it covers an unlimited number of devices. No matter what size your company is, this is sure to come in handy. Secondly, it provides decent protection from all sorts of viruses, malware, phishing sites, and other online threats. You can be sure your files are protected from hackers and cybercriminals. 

Aside from that, you get extra features in the bundle. This is very convenient since you won’t have to buy cleanup and speedup tools separately.